About Us

Thank you for visiting coolsmarthometech.com! My name is Mark Sand but my nickname is “Mark solutions” and I created this blog where I have been writing guides and reviews on tech and home automation devices for a few years now.

I finally move my site to a new domain and removed the old outdated posts. You will find my new site with fresh content at https://techguidelab.com/

I don’t want to make this page a CV but here is some info since you came here for that.

I did technical studies and I graduated in electrical engineering in 2007. (quite some time already)

I am passionate about new technologies and I really like finding solutions to technical problems and providing answers to questions in the field of smart homes, home automation and internet connected devices (troubleshooting, alternative solutions)…

When I was a teenager, those around me used to consult me for their technical and computer problems.

Since I regularly ask myself questions, I put online the solutions that I have found and that work.

3 reasons for this:

  1. First, it allows me to find myself the solution to a problem that I have already had in the past but for which I have forgotten the solution
  2. Second, it allows other people to benefit from the solutions to these same problems.
  3. Third, it’s a hobby that I enjoy and I don’t count my hours.

coolsmarthometech.com is the culmination of several years of experience. I love recent high-tech devices (for individuals), and although I don’t consider myself a training expert, I have developed a form of expertise through experience and self-learning.

My knowledge improves as I learn about other emerging products and technologies.

While coolsmarthometech.com always offers the same type of content (explanations, solutions to problems, buying guides, comparisons, etc.) I sometimes vary the subjects and tackle other topics that interest me.

Purpose of coolsmarthometech.com

My goal at coolsmarthometech.com is to help beginners find the information they need about a technology or to find and install connected devices for the home.

Want to learn how to use a smart plug, a smart bulb, turn on your TV with Alexa or unlock the front door for the delivery man? With coolsmarthometech.com you will enjoy yourself because this is the type of subject I deal with to provide solutions.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find what you are looking for!


CoolSmartHomeTech initially started in 2019 as an online project for selling various household electronics and gadgets.

I acquired CoolSmartHomeTech in late-2022 to re-focus the business to provide the latest news, articles and home technology products in the growing “Smart Home” area.

They also used to sell products directly from brands and distributors, if available, and use U.S.-based suppliers for faster shipping times and better customer service.

The goal is to offer the latest home technology devices, product reviews, industry news, troubleshooting and practical user information to help you make your home life easier while using these products, whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced technology guru.

I discontinued adding new products to the online store and instead i prefer to talk about the latest products out there to help you in your Smart Home journey.

Mark Sand
Washington, DC, USA

Email: Contact-us page